No matter the size of your company and the importance of your data, security should be a top concern. With even the smallest amount of access, attackers can exploit you and your business for you personal information, a ransom, or you business’s intellectual property. With our help, you can protect against the most common types of attacks and train your employees to be vigilant. 

Our process

Initial Consultation

We’ll sit down with you to learn about you and your business and where threats might come from. This will help us determine what kind of analysis or training we want to do.

Penetration Test

If it makes sense for you, we’ll perform a penetration test on your business. Essentially, we’ll pretend to be an attack to determine what your vulnerabilities are. We’ll conclude this phase with a detailed report on our findings an ways you can go about fixing any problems.

Software & Hardware Updates

Coming out of the pen test, there may be some hardware or software recommendations that you’d like us to setup.


Next, we’ll come in to train your team or provide you with the materials to do so whether the training was determined in our consultation or we found something we thought was worth training you or your team on during the pen test.